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Pigmentation can be caused by a number of factors such as exposure to daylight throughout the year (think freckles), hormonal fluctuations typically brought on by pregnancy or the contraceptive pill, thyroid problems, or post-inflammatory pigmentation (think acne scarring). At Onelife Cosmetics, we use IPL to break up and lighten deeper sun damage & hormonal melasma to create a more even skin tone.


How does it work? 

The light is attracted to dark areas in your skin, making it extremely effective for lighter skin types. As it hits the dark spots, the light shatters the pigmentation which encourages it to lift to the surface before gradually lightening over a number of treatments as your surface cells renew.


What areas can be treated?

Face & body


What sort of results can I expect?

You will get a more even skin tone after a single treatment, but we would recommend a course to fully lift & lighten darker pigmentation. Depending on the depth of your pigmentation, your practitioner might prescribe a course of skin peels to work in conjunction with the IPL to improve really stubborn dark spots.


Is there any downtime?

Your skin may appear a little flushed after the treatment, but this should subside very quickly


How many treatments are recommended?

Most people need a course of 3+ treatments with 4 weeks in between each session. Improvements will be seen after each session.


What will the treatment feel like?

IPL treatments are pain free. A few clients say that the light flashes feel like a gentle warm flick to the skin.


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